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With the experienced Astrologers in our panel we aims for best services

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About 'astrolozer.com'

With the experienced astrologers in our panel we aims for best service


astrolozer.com is a platform which has been created to utilise technology and ancient wisdom to solve people’s problem. It is a platform that intends to provide people a guiding light when people are confused about their circumstances or for any other general inquiry which is bothering them.

A person faces various dilemmas at various phases of life. At that time, he looks for a friend who would not only give him genuine advice, which would be best for this future but keep his full details as confidential. Astrolozer.com is one such friend.

In many circumstances, a person wonders why certain things are happening to him. At that time, if someone can explain to him the events and the expected events, it gives a lot of clarity for taking the future decisions, apart from building the confidence. We at Astrolozer.com intends to be your trusted friend and endeavor to provide you with the best guidance.

Our astrologers are knowledgable, polite, and compassionate and try to provide you with the best advice. And with the technology at your fingertips, you can approach our Astrologer 24*7.

What is the significance of astrology?

Astrology is important because the moon, sun, and stars play an important role in our lives directly. People and events play an important role in our lives. Astrology influences these people and events just as it influences you.

Astrology is a predictive science that has inspired and allowed people to understand different aspects of life with its methods, claims, and findings for centuries. There is something delightful and enlightening about astrology, its wows, and hows, that makes people believe in it. Despite the shift in what people believe in and don't believe in, it continues to do so.

The solar system contains up to 8 planets. On the other hand, if I speak to an online astrologer near me about the planets in astrology, I will hear that there are as many as 9 planets called Navagrahas. In astrology, the Earth is not considered one of the nine planets.

In astrology, the nine planets are Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu (north node of the moon), and Ketu (south node of the moon).

Choosing Online Astrology Consultation and Services?

As time goes on, things and people leave a stronger online footprint. Astrolozer is an online astrology platform that caters to anyone and everyone across the globe that needs astrology services. The Astrologer community has grown into a community of the best astrologers who specialize in Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Tarot card reading, and Reiki Healing, among other topics.

The purpose of providing astrology predictions online is to help people save time, money, and effort searching for astrologers in the hustle and bustle of the city. To ensure credibility, Astrolozer has added value to customer service over the years. This is largely due to the astrologers who use their knowledge to deliver impeccable astrology consultancy services to customers.

Keep up to date with daily horoscopes & zodiac signs

Despite being new to the online astrology consultation market, we are also capable of offering the best service to our visitors. As a result, we have created within a short period a space where you can find every detail about astrological elements such as transits, astrology daily horoscopes, and updates on auspicious dates.

Why Choose Our Astrology Experts?

By using Astrolozer.com, you can chat with astrologer in India. When searching for the phrase "best astrologer near me" on Google, you can find the best Indian astrologers. We can say that from the Astrolozer website and App, you can connect with the best astrologers in India, the USA, Canada, and Australia. For marriage, career, health, and other issues, we have the best astrologers online. We are your one-stop shop for astrology services, including online astrology consultations, talk to astrologer, free horoscopes, free kundali, Nakshatra, Muhurat, etc.

Our Astrologers

Our Astrologers are among the best in their field. They have taken formal learning and training, which makes them capable of helping and guiding you. They carry with them years of experience and their sincere intentions to help you at any time. Our Astrologers promise to be understanding, honest, and compassionate while handling your query.

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Daily Horoscope

Get free Aries daily horoscope prediction today online from the best astrologer. Read your Aries Zodiac Sign horoscope today!

Free Kundli

Generate your free online kundli report from Astrotalk. Our Kundli software can help you predict the future for yourself by reading the birth chart.


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Match Making

Check Love Compatibility and Marriage Prediction online at AstroTalk.Get the best Horoscope and kundli matching predictions today!

Chinese Horoscope

Are you a Cat? A Mouse? Or the roaring Lion? Let the Chinese astrology reveal it for you. Check your's now

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With the experienced astrologers in our panel we aims for best service

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Kirti Chawla

"The astrologer answered my questions like a friend and then assured me that everything would be okay and gave remedies when I was desperate. Now that things are going well, I use their talk to Astro service regularly"

— Astrolozer user

Nisha Patil

"I find Astrolozer.com very helpful in seeking astrology advice from India at any time. I'm satisfied with the service provided by Astrologers; thank you. I'm always treated with friendliness and courtesy. Overall, I'm satisfied"

— Astrolozer user

Manisha Shah

"Brilliant Astrology services. I asked questions to 5 experts, and every time I got a detailed answer within 4 - 5 hours, which no other app could match for the price. The predictions were accurate. If I had any further questions, they were available"

— Astrolozer user

Arjun Maheshwari

"The user experience is fantastic. It's easy to ask queries, the interface is intuitive, and the astrologers are well-spoken and experienced. The experience was delightful. This has been my first time using an astrology app. I'm impressed"

— Astrolozer user

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With the experienced astrologers in our panel we aims for best service

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